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1. Who are you guys and what qualifications do you have to be providing NATE CEH training?

NateCredits.com was founded by a group of like-minded HVAC technicians who faced the biannual struggle of trying to earn enough NATE credits to re-certify our specialties without having to sit in hundreds of hours of manufacturer training or retest every time. Our qualifications are pretty diverse. Among the group members, we have decades worth of experience in all facets of the HVAC industry including service, installation, sales, engineering, and design. Much of our course content has been compiled from well-known industry sources and adapted over time. None of us are college professors or certified engineers (you caught us), but we’d like to think that collectively, we possess more than enough knowledge and resources to help you through the NATE re-certification process!

2. Why should I use NateCredits.com to re-certify my NATE specialties?

Our site was designed to make the recertification process as easy and inexpensive as possible compared to the other alternatives we’ve seen. There are certainly a number of methods you can use to obtain CEH’s to recertify, but we haven’t seen any nearly as painless and inexpensive as the program we offer.

3. What if I’m dissatisfied after I purchase a course?

If you are dissatisfied with the courses and CEH’s we provide, there’s probably something wrong with you… kidding! Our services are pretty straightforward… after you register for a course, we give you access, and all we ask of you in return is to pay attention to course content key points and pass a relatively easy quiz at the end. Then we send your results to NATE to get your CEH’s applied to your account. If you’re one of “those guys” who finds some reason to be upset about our services for any reason, just drop us an email explaining the situation and we’ll refund your money… unless you’ve already had the credit hours applied to your account, in which case there should be no reason for you to be dissatisfied…right?

4. How do I get started?

Simply select the course you wish to take, add it to your cart, complete the registration and payment process, and then you’re ready to log-in and begin your course!

5. Do I need to submit my training records to NATE upon course completion?

Absolutely not. Upon successful completion of a course and the end of course quiz, we will notify NATE and provide them with your CEH transcripts so they can apply the credits to your NATE account. You don’t have to worry about it! After that, you can re-certify each specialty through your NATE account online.

6. How long are courses available after I register?

Once you register for a course, you’ll have access to course and quiz content for 90 days. If you’re a huge procrastinator and need more time for some reason, just let us know. We’ll help you out!

7. I’m using _________ web browser, and some of your site features don’t appear to be displaying or working correctly. What’s the deal?

Unfortunately, not all web browsers are created equally. This site was developed and most heavily beta-tested using the Google Chrome browser, but SHOULD work properly with all major browsers. If you run into issues using a different browser, try using Google Chrome. It’s free and there’s really no reason to be using sub-standard browsers. Get with the times, man!

8. When I view your site on my mobile device, I’m not able to login or register. What’s going on?

The online training platform we use doesn’t play nicely with most mobile browsers, so you need to login and view courses using a desktop PC or laptop over a standard (non-mobile) browser.

9. Which NATE certifications do your training courses provide CEH’s (Continued Education Hours) for?

Currently our only active course is a 16 hour safety training course which provides the full 16 CEH’s you need to re-certify ANY and ALL of your NATE certification specialties. This means that whether you need credit hours to re-certify just one specialty, or you have 6 specialties to re-certify, this course will earn you the CEH’s you need to re-certify all of them!

10. When I need to renew my specialties in 2-years, can I retake the same training course(s)?

YES! Per NATE, you can retake training courses and earn CEH’s for each re-certification period, as long as you don’t try to submit records for the same course more than once in the same 2-year period. This means that you can come back to us and retake the same course(s) every 2-years if you so choose and maintain all of your NATE specialty certifications easily.

11. What information does NateCredits.com collect and what is it used for?

In order to use our training services, the information we collect is limited to what is provided upon registration, and includes your name, phone number, address, email address, NATE ID number, and other information pertinent to the online training process. Payment information is used for the transaction and is not stored or maintained on our servers. NONE of the information we collect will be shared with any outside party for any reason, ever.

12. What is your site content policy?

Our site content and training materials are provided as-is without any expressed or implied guarantees other than those outlined. We make every effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of site content and training course materials, however we are not responsible for any errors or omissions in said content. Some of the content found on our site and within our training courses is the sole content of third-party organizations. None of the content on our site including (but not limited to) site page content, images, videos, training content, quiz content, etc. may be copied, distributed, or used for any purpose other than for the NATE re-certification process for the specific individual who has registered for and participated in our training courses.

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